SMS And Email Intimation

A simple question: why do schools have different classrooms for different groups of students? The answer is as simple as the question itself. They do so to teach different material to each one of those groups through different instructors.

But what if there are messages that the school needs to send to everyone, like emergency updates, class cancellations, special meetings? How do they make sure no one misses those announcements? Things like these happen all the time at school and working through all this hassle once or twice a day (in some cases even more) is a logistical nightmare. So, how do they figure it out?

Fortunately for schools, the advancement of mobile phone communication has made their job much easier in this sense. Now schools can communicate with their students by sending them text messages. Bulk SMS services for school allow the faculty to directly communicate with a large group of students. They can be sure that their message will reach the students in the fastest time with the highest efficiency.

Educational institutions gather phone numbers during the admission period. Since the database is already there, it makes SMS marketing for schools much easier. School text service typically contains a wide variety of options for educational institutions. The options are based on the number of students, the frequency of sending text messages and so on. Considering that educational institutions on average only have around 400-600 students, it will also be inexpensive to use text messaging for schools.

Text messaging is an essential channel of communication for any educational institution. It makes sure all the students receive and read the necessary message, which prevents them from a number of inconveniences later.

Schools can also send important notifications through email. However, it has a considerably lower open rate. Besides, there are numerous reasons why students may open their emails late. For instance, some students work and they have to pay attention to more than 2-3 email inboxes. Likewise, some students don’t have Internet access all day.

If students don’t see urgent notifications, it can cause serious inconveniences later. As opposed to emails, more than 90% of text messages are opened within 5 minutes after being delivered. So, SMS is a better way of disseminating important information among students.

SMS Alert System for Schools

Schools face a number of organizational issues daily, which all students need to know about. These issues can be facility-related issues, deadline reminders, event reminders, changes in curriculum, new appointments and etc. In most of these cases, they need to inform the students right away and make sure they received the information. This is why the SMS alert system is a must-have feature for every educational institution.

For example, if something urgent happens shortly before the class and it needs to be canceled, school messaging system can be the best way to make sure everyone knows about it. It would guarantee that all of the students—or at least the vast majority of them—received the message and later there would be no inconveniences. School SMS system underlines how responsible the school is, therefore increasing the students’ satisfaction level.

Similarly, if there is a problem with campus facilities like water, air conditioning system or Internet connection, everyone would need to know about it.

School text system can also be used for individual or small groups of students. For instance, sometimes there are students who don’t complete all of their core courses to graduate. It is within everyone’s interest to know about this before registration and take measures for that. Registrations are typical during vacations, therefore, chances are high that those students won’t check their emails regularly. Using text messaging for schools would make sure they received the urgent information and are no longer under the risk of not graduating.

These were just three examples, where text service is an absolute necessity. However, there are many more cases where text messaging for schools is the ultimate solution. Educational institutions need to deliver similar messages daily, so SMS marketing for schools will come in handy almost every day.

School Text Messages to Parents

Educational institutions can use school SMS system not only for students but also for their parents. There are numerous cases where sending SMS to parents would be beneficial for schools. For example, they can send text messages for parent conferences, payment reminders, children’s absences or any other important issue.

School text messages to parents can increase the interaction between the educational institution and parents. This is crucial specifically for elementary or middle school parents since their children need more supervision. It can give them more insight about how their children are behaving and how well they are doing studying-wise.

School SMS system is important for high school and university students’ parents as well. As much as the students in high schools and universities are mature, they are still under the supervision of their parents. It is a vulnerable age for developing bad habits. In case teachers notice something like that, school messaging system can allow them to send personalized text messages to their parents as a warning for that.